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Major Benefits of URAHL's Hospitality Supply-Chain

Supply Chain Management is at the heart of competitive advantage for any organization. Without Supply Chains, the Hospitality Industry would quickly grind to a halt. The concept of sustainable Supply Chain Management (SCM) and the concept of competitive advantage have evolved all these years.  The role of SCM in achieving competitive advantage in the hospitality industry is undeniable and cannot be overstated. Sustainable SCM is now a strategic concept that can help companies attain competitive advantage. One of the most significant changes in the paradigm of modern business management is that individual businesses no longer compete as solely autonomous entities, but rather as supply chains. URAHL’s focus is on digitalization of logistics, supply chain, and transportation by enabling core technology modifications such as Internet-of-things, blockchain, control towers, artificial intelligence/machine learning-enabled demand forecasting, self-adjusting stock allocations, autonomous devices such as AGVs and drones, among others. URAHL is introducing “edge-of-town warehouses and cold storages” that store hospitality supply items for shipment to hotels, resorts, restaurants, clubs, banquette halls, clubs, etc. Outside the city location is to feed the over-demand of the crowded cities as well as provide a close location for people from the rural areas to be an integral part of URAHL’s sustainable hospitality supply chain. This makes URAHL’s distribution process a lot more efficient as well allowing small businesses to effectively compete with others. URAHL’s sustainable hospitality supply chain management actions also impact customers’ attitudes and behavior including satisfaction, loyalty, and willingness to pay a premium for sustainable hospitality goods and services. Customer satisfaction positively influences customer loyalty, which ultimately increases customer willingness to pay a premium. However, true sustainability cannot be achieved by the efforts of only hotels or restaurants; it requires a long-term collaboration among all stakeholders involved in a hospitality supply chain (HSC), which involves various suppliers and retailers of all hospitality goods, services, and customers to whom the goods and services are delivered.

A dependable, dedicated hospitality supply chain can reduce the volume of buffer stocks

Ability to stock up quickly means goods bought are generally fresh which means less wastage

Computerized indenting and purchase requisitions resulting in better inventory management at lower costs.

Emergency purchases are just a click away.

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